Trump Lovers are Purposefully Infecting People

They are in your community now.

I wanted to share this anonymous post submitted by a tired and frustrated front line doctor. I share it because I want everyone to know that the man in the vegetable section of your grocery store may know he has COVID, may choose to not mask up, and does not understand he could kill or permanently disable those around him.

Due to the massive number of cases we will have in the fall, I presume many of those trump lovers will ultimately figure it out, mask up, and change their ways. But for far too many innocent people, it will be too late.

Consider yourself warned. To the trumpers: Instead of reading about Kim Kardashian, take a few moments to educate yourself on how to protect those you love.

Courtesy of NBC News

Here is the post. Please read it all the way through and share this with your trumper friends and family:


From a Physician colleague who is on the front lines, a must read:

“I’ve gotten a lot of texts & PMs asking why I haven’t posted for a while. The truth is I’m exhausted, I’m in shock & I have become somewhat hopeless in how this pandemic has progressed. I have gotten to the point where I’ve realized I don’t really matter & my words seem to constantly fall on deaf ears. I have tried to educate people about how viruses spread, how to stay safe & how to avoid illness, but it doesn’t seem to matter. I became a doctor to save lives & sadly, I haven’t been able to save many lives lately. I wasn’t trained to see so much death and devastation & I don’t know how much more of it I can take. I’ve tried to avoid watching the news or feeding into the political drama of this virus verses personal choice & freedom, but this last week has been so devastating to me I have decided to go ahead & share what I have witnessed in my small part of the world. Like I said, I wanted to save lives, so if by sharing this even 1 person I care about is driven to change their actions & able to avoid catching COVID I will have somewhat achieved my goal.

In the beginning I remember wishing I could just go ahead & catch it so I would be immune. Now, over 6 months in — I have admitted patients who seem to have gotten the virus a second time. So, now I feel like I’m just waiting my turn.

This month I have admitted multiple patients who have tested positive for Covid 10–17 days prior to coming to the hospital. When they do arrive & are placed in my care they are in respiratory failure & seriously ill. I always ask where they work, if they have quarantined, if they know where they got it & if they have exposed anyone else.

If you know where I live, you deserve to know the answers I have gotten. I do not benefit in any way by telling you. In fact physicians get paid more when they see more patients & even more when the patients are extremely ill — we get RVUs (look it up); so I honestly have zero benefit financially by telling you this! I am doing it because I care about people. So here are the answers I have gotten from more patients than I can count on 2 hands:

1. I felt fine, so I have been out doing my normal activities & I have been working. (I cannot tell you where because that violates hippa).

2. I don’t wear a mask because it’s uncomfortable.

3. I think I got it at a party or conference or other large gathering I went to.

4. I have a significant other &/or children who are a little sick, but they don’t want to get tested because they don’t want to quarantine.


These are your friends, the people who live in your town, the people who are free to do as they chose, because above all else personal freedom is a must!

It’s been over 6 months & we have no N95s. None. We can launch rockets & keep the stock market up, but we can’t get N95s for hospital employees

I basically feel like my chances of survival are decreasing exponentially as every day passes; as are yours!

I have had patients (yes, more than 1) come into the hospital in respiratory distress, needing oxygen & hospitalization. They are told they have covid & they have left AMA (against medical advice), because they have things to do & think covid is no big deal. These people are wandering around infecting others & there is NOTHING I can do about it, except warn you.

On 4 occasions I have admitted patients who are in respiratory failure, on high flow oxygen & when I walk into their room to examine them (mind you I don’t have proper PPE), they don’t have a mask on. When I have asked them to please put it on so I can examine them they have refused. Is it my obligation to risk my life for these people? Would you?

We have been over capacity & our ICU has been full for quite some time now. We have been treating patients in hallways, we have had nurses taking double the normal number of patients they should have & we have many staff members who are out sick. It’s flu season & I have patients who have covid + influenza. Winter is coming & we are already overwhelmed.

So, do what you wish with this information. I have many patients who are my age or younger who will never be the same again after catching covid. They will not be able to afford their hospital bills & they appear to have somewhat permanent morbidity from this virus; I don’t know how permanent because it hasn’t been long enough to tell, but seeing someone younger than you lose part of their bowel, have heart failure, throw a blood clot, leave the hospital for a rehab unit on oxygen or not be able to get around without a wheelchair breaks your heart a little & it scares me to death.

I’m off to bed. I don’t care how many negative comments I get for posting this. I won’t argue with any of you. I won’t even respond. I probably won’t even glance at FB again for quite a while. I know my days are numbered at the rate we are going at with this pandemic & I would rather not spend the days I have left fighting with anyone.

“ ~Physician on the COVID wards

#wearamask #MasksNow



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