Let’s Talk About Christmas Love

Let’s talk about love on this Christmas morning.

Love can often look like gifts, and smiles, and hugs.

Love can be sensual.

Love can be kindness.

BUT: love can also look stern. No child being disciplined, for instance, enjoys it, but it is certainly love.

Rules can be love.

Science and intellect can absolutely be love.

Love comes in many forms. I love my country. I love democracy and everything it has brought our great nation.

I also read and I know what is on the other side of the dark, violent, evil behavior of Republicans.

It is NOT love to try to ignore them.

History tells us UNEQUIVOCALLY that appeasement brings more of the same. That is NOT love.

Being kind to those who would murder you with joy is NOT love.

Allowing people to bend and twist a religion for purposes of power and money is. not. love.

In the 1800s people who pursued justice were, most certainly, showing deep love for people they had never met, but who they knew needed their action, their power, their words. THAT was love. Our president then knew that allowing the states to break up would lead to disaster and so, despite the pain, he pursued a unified nation. That was love. And wisdom.

Right now, we have Republicans in highly red states dying at SIX TIMES the rates of others. And killing innocents along with their OWN families, their OWN children. Their behavior is NOT love.

Right now, we have hundreds of thousands of healthcare workers at the end of their rope. Not helping them, watching them sink which will bring a destruction of our entire healthcare system leading to decades of disasters, is NOT love.

Love is standing up for justice and decency.

Love is NOT INDULGING the white supremacists who want to tear us apart for their own personal greed.

Love is SPEAKING UP every day to people in your life. Sternly. Love is pointing the way, the light, the direction, for those who are confused. Love is reiterating the power of democracy.


We are absolutely going to find out if our nation is selfishness, greed, white supremacy, hate. Which will lead to an immediate future which is darker than most of you even imagine.

OR if it is love.

Be love.




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