Dear Doctors, let’s stop this virus in its tracks


As co-founder of #MasksNow, we have joined together with several mask groups to move this nation to wearing masks.

These groups are joining together to do #MasksNowMondays. Our 2nd week this week is a press release with interviews re: cloth mask wearing by the public.

Please click on and

  1. SIGN THE LETTER BELOW (at end of this post) which asks people to wear masks, do it NOW.
  2. SHARE with ALL your doctor, nurse, HC friends, please.
  3. If you are so inclined, make a SHORT video, post it and copy me on the post if you are so inclined.
  4. Get local press to interview you on this topic starting Monday and ongoing. Put it in your newsletter. If you know a doctor doing a podcast, or anyone doing a podcast, get on their podcast now to talk about why people should wear masks.
  5. On Mondays, do social media posts with hashtag #MasksNowMondays

We are going to PUSH HARD and the message is:

“If you want to open our economy, everyone must wear masks. Other countries have been successful, U.S. is lagging.” PLEASE stay away from more than one or two facts, it bores people. Stay with the message if you can!! THANK YOU and please link me on any press you get.

TOGETHER, we can bring sanity and science to this situation.

Thank you,

Dr. Sennholz