For the vast majority of them, it’s white male supremacy.

The entire underlying tone of the right is “I’m WHITE so no one can tell me what to do.” That is why they cry out, “Freedom!” That is why they will die before getting a vaccine — it’s about their white male supremacy.

For more info, see:

Now, for background, I would highly recommend you take the time to purchase and read this book which will help you understand the undying link between white male supremacy and the White Evangelical Christian Church. I also highly recommend if you belong to a church you…

An associate of mine left a great list of ideas for how to repair the problem we have with police.

Feel free to add ideas in the comments. Thank you!

  1. Vicarious liability of governments for their employees.
  2. Governmental liability under a takings doctrine like strict liability for compensatory damages for all violations of constitutional rights even if not intentional.
  3. Subject police pensions to civil rights liability.
  4. End qualified immunity from civil liability for police officers.
  5. National blacklist of bad cops.
  6. Give courts in civil rights actions the right to order entities to fire civil rights violators and to black list…

Whose Witnesses did not have Camera Phones

It is inescapable, in this grateful moment of judiciary success, that we inherently know thousands and thousands of George Floyd-type murders have happened before. We, as a nation of white male supremacy, believed the lies and not the victims.

George Floyd and Derek Chauvin photo

Why do we know this?

We know the police in the Floyd murder told a complete, automated lie about what happened.

The Path to Solving Our Crisis

The phrase ‘let’s get down to brass tacks’, originating from at least the 1800s, is a way to say, ‘let’s get down to the essence of the thing.’ Let’s push away the superfluous and talk about the foundational basis of the topic.

Concerning present day America, that essence is white male supremacy.

You will notice I do not use the term ‘white supremacy’ because inherent in this concept is the maleness of the white supremacist leadership. It is really ‘white MALE supremacy’ with many of their complicit women pitifully and self-destructively supporting this denigration…

The Swamp Girl

Although I traveled the world as a child and met many people of varying backgrounds, my main experience was growing up in a town where there was only one black family, the rest all being white Midwestern folks. The main black and brown people I knew were on my TV set. Which, of course, did not give an accurate representation of what was happening around our nation. I really deeply loved everyone the same — Americans, just like me.

During my career, I ended up moving to the south, to the east coast. …

If we are to tear down the monster of White Supremacy, closely affiliated with the twin monsters of misogyny and bigotry that often ride in the same humans, we must begin. This monster has afflicted our nation for hundreds of years and the time has come to face this dragon head on.

The work begins by ferreting out the bottom bricks of the pyramid of White Supremacy, which will make it fall and implode. We must create a national garden that will not support the growth of this thought monster that transforms into an action monster.

Get out your verbal…

Wear a Mask

It was late at night as I worked the emergency room far out in the swamp. “Should be a nice, quiet night,” I thought to myself as I prepared to get a few winks.

“Doctor, we have a code coming in,” the nurse yelled into my office as she quickly walked by to prepare.

“Car wreck. Guy was ejected. In the swamp.”

OK, we have a man (late teens, I later found out) who was likely not wearing his seatbelt. He was ejected from a single vehicle car accident. …

We are all in this together.

In our society, people who rent their homes are becoming increasingly vulnerable to the thrashings of political whims. Even those who reliably pay their rent on time or early every month could suffer an unexpected loss of their home due to legal wranglings over the home. The result is that a majority of Americans currently have unstable sources of housing. Our entire system of funding homes, regulating rentals, funding healthcare, funding education is now, like a laser beam, destroying the capability for citizens to afford housing.

U.S. Census Bureau, HUD Sept 2020

With the advent of credit scores as a…

They are in your community now.

I wanted to share this anonymous post submitted by a tired and frustrated front line doctor. I share it because I want everyone to know that the man in the vegetable section of your grocery store may know he has COVID, may choose to not mask up, and does not understand he could kill or permanently disable those around him.

Due to the massive number of cases we will have in the fall, I presume many of those trump lovers will ultimately figure it out, mask up, and change their ways. …

And it’s not just, “He’s not trump.”

Many people will be voting for Joe Biden because the alternative is the end of democracy. However, many don’t know that Joe has a huge, detailed, effective plan for our nation. He will get us back on track, create unity, solidify the economy, save the environment, and put this dark time behind us.

100 reasons to vote for Biden.

During President Carter’s administration, he put out a plan to get us off fossil fuels, which would have changed the course of history for the better. …

Million Mask Mayday

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