Let’s Talk About Christmas Love

Let’s talk about love on this Christmas morning.

Love can often look like gifts, and smiles, and hugs.

Love can be sensual.

Love can be kindness.

BUT: love can also look stern. No child being disciplined, for instance, enjoys it, but it is certainly love.

What To Do About Aging Parents: A Conversation

I have a friend who went through one of the most horrendous cancer experiences I have ever heard of. In the end, she had to spend an extended time in a nursing home to recover. Despite the truly profound, often horrifying, unbelievable…

Whose Witnesses did not have Camera Phones

It is inescapable, in this grateful moment of judiciary success, that we inherently know thousands and thousands of George Floyd-type murders have happened before. We, as a nation of white male supremacy, believed the lies and not the victims.

George Floyd and Derek Chauvin KSTP.com photo https://kstp.com/news/george-floyd-fired-officer-overlapped-security-shifts-at-south-minneapolis-club-may-28-2020/5743990/

Why do we know…

The Swamp Girl

Although I traveled the world as a child and met many people of varying backgrounds, my main experience was growing up in a town where there was only one black family, the rest all being white Midwestern folks. The main black and brown people I knew were…

View From The Cheap Seats

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